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Delivery Information

Delivery Information

Delivery Information

Delivery Information

In order for your order to be delivered to the delivery address you specified during the purchase; If you have made your payment using a credit card, the security confirmation that we have explained under the Security Principles first must be forwarded to the Ekolye.com ordering authority by the Fraud Security Department.

After your payment has been approved, the products are prepared for you in the second stage according to your preferences. If the products are finished in stock on the same day after the payment is approved, they will be shipped within 3 days at the latest. You will be notified by e-mail or telephone if the preparatory phase exceeds the period specified in ekolye.com.

Prepared orders are delivered to the shipping company on Saturday, Sunday, public holidays and holidays. The cargo company makes delivery outside the market, public holidays and holidays.

ekolye.com reserves the right to change the shipping company or shipment method when it deems necessary. You will be notified by e-mail when your order is delivered to the shipping company.

Orders delivered to the cargo company are expected to be available within 48 hours of the day when the cargo company does not deliver. If you do not receive your order at the end of this period, you can contact us using the contact form.

For orders where the delivery address and invoice address are the same, the product will be delivered with invoice and delivery note. For orders where the delivery address and billing address is different, the invoice of the product will be sent to the invoice address, and the dispatch of the product will be sent to the delivery address with the product.

If the buyer cannot be found at the delivery address, the shipping company leaves a notice of visit. In case the buyer whose visit notice is left not contacted by the cargo company within 3 days, the cargo company will bring the package back to ekolye.com.

Check the products you ordered by comparing them with the delivery note during delivery. In case you think that the products are missing or damaged, do not take delivery of the package by attaching the minutes to the cargo authority. Please inform Ekolye.com order officer using the contact form. Your order will be sent to you as soon as possible by making the necessary inspection. When you receive the product, you agree that the cargo company has fulfilled its duties.

You can contact us by using the contact form for all your questions and problems.

Cancellation and Return Procedures

Return Policy

In the product return transactions, the Law No. 4077 on the Protection of the Consumer is applied with the Law No. 4822. Buyers have the right to withdraw within 7 days. In order to exercise this right, the decision to withdraw should be notified to ekolye.com within 7 days.

The consumer cannot exercise his / her right of withdrawal in the products that are produced in accordance with the special requests and demands of the consumer or made personal by making changes or additions. Therefore, in accordance with the consumer's request, products written in gold, precious metal or precious stone parts, etc. All products produced in accordance with the Consumer's wishes are covered by products that cannot be reused due to hygiene due to hygiene products (earrings piercings, etc.).

You can use the customer relationship contact form for notification, or you can email info@ekolye.com. If you make a refund without receiving confirmation from info@ekolye.com, your return will not be accepted and your shipment will not be received.

All orders, products, invoices, delivery notes, certificates, insurance forms, product boxes, packaging and all other documents and materials must be sent to the address we will inform you. During the return shipment, the customer is responsible for any inconvenience caused by cargo companies or any other value-causing material or damage caused by the product and product sent by the product and the return of the customer.

Return VAT and any other legal obligations are not refundable.

After the return is received, it is examined by the experts whether the return conditions are fulfilled. If the return is approved, the price of the products within 7 days will be refunded to the bank account if the order has been issued by credit card, if the credit card has been issued via wire transfer / EFT. Using the consumer's right of withdrawal